Jim Steele on
How Bad Global Warming Science
Hurts the Environmental Movement

The Corbett Report

Landscapes and Cycles
An Environmentalist’s Journey
to Climate Skepticism
also… book available at Amazon

Judith Curry Explains
Climate Modeling
to the Layman

Environmental Provision
Addresses Endangered Species, Wetlands, Wildlife Areas, etc.

New Wireless Code for Duncan Oklahoma
“Telecommunications facilities shall not be permitted in any wetland, floodplain, or wilderness or wildlife area and disturbance to wetland buffer areas shall be minimized.

A telecommunications facility shall not be permitted in any area where it would threaten endangered species or critical habitats. Telecommunications facilities shall not be permitted where they would significantly change surface area, contribute significantly to deforestation or create significant water diversions.”


Related info at Environmental Health Trust

CHD Plans Lawsuit After
Los Angeles County Approves Fast-Tracking of Wireless Towers

“Telecom will still be left to police telecom and you will have another telecom-initiated Malibu Canyon Fire on your hands or another fire from [Southern California Edison’s] own telecom facilities as with the Woolsey Fire in 2018.

Each one of the supervisors made a decision today to turn away from public safety, to turn away from protecting the environment, and in a sense, they just tossed a match over their shoulders as they stepped down from the dais.”

Susan Foster, Co-Founder
California Fires & Firefighters (nonprofit)

the Defender

L.A. County Eyes Ordinance to Fast-Track Approvals for Wireless

Are six-figure signing bonuses sometimes offered to city officials that help facilitate implementation of towers? Is it extremely rare that city officials invest the time to investigate the impact cell towers actually have on communities?

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life
by Arthur Firstenberg

Related video
@20:50 Flu & Electricity
@25:32 Telecommunications Act of 1996 – Is it illegal to regulate wireless technology on the basis of health?
@35:11 effects on animals, amphibians, insects, birds, bee colonies, forests
@44:48 5G “phased arrays”

How much do you value life on earth? Is the solution to stop using cell phones? Once we stop paying for cell phone service, will the courts and politicians be more likely to take meaningful action to protect the health of the planet?

Cellular Phone Task Force
Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space

Billions of GMO Mosquitoes
Set to Be Released in California, Florida

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the world’s largest release of genetically engineered mosquitoes, despite warnings by public health experts.

the Defender

Discussion of “unintended consequences” at DW

They’re going to bomb California and Florida with these GMO mosquitoes? What about the stuff they’re doing that they’re not proudly announcing? How do we get these idiot Frankensteins on a leash?

Genetically modified mosquitoes vaccinate a human

Dengue Fever Rising in Miami
Are Genetically Modified Mosquitoes That Vaccinate Humans Now Causing U.S. Malaria Cases For First Time Since 2003?

Yet Another Study Links Lower Sperm Count with Pesticides
The Last American Vagabond

Sperm counts worldwide have plunged 62%
in under 50 years, Israeli-led study finds

Birth rates drop in California, San Diego
over the last decade


Demographic WINTER

Silent Spring
Book by Rachel Carson

Silent Spring began with a “fable for tomorrow” – a true story using a composite of examples drawn from many real communities where the use of DDT had caused damage to wildlife, birds, bees, agricultural animals, domestic pets, and even humans.

Utilizing her many sources in federal science and in private research, Carson spent over six years documenting her analysis that humans were misusing powerful, persistent, chemical pesticides before knowing the full extent of their potential harm to the whole biota.

She admonished her readers and audiences to ask “Who Speaks, And Why?” and therein to set the seeds of social revolution. She identified human hubris and financial self-interest as the crux of the problem and asked if we could master ourselves and our appetites to live as though we humans are an equal part of the earth’s systems and not the master of them.

Silent Spring inspired the modern environmental movement, which began in earnest a decade later. It is recognized as the environmental text that “changed the world.”

The Life and Legacy of

“There’s a pesticide called Atrazine
which has shown
when frogs and amphibians are exposed to it
they become hermaphrodites,
meaning they have both male and female genitalia.”

Dr. Andrew Kaufman
Video Interview

Dawn Lester and David Parker
Authors of the ground-breaking book
What Really Makes You Ill?
Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease
is Wrong.

Atrazine induces complete feminization and chemical castration in male African clawed frogs
(Xenopus laevis)

Proceedings of the
National Academy of Science
of the United States of America

Is Atrazine regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency?

New Study Shows Roundup Kills Bees
Glyphosate targets undesired weeds—as well as honeybees
Sierra Magazine

‘We Have Screwed Up the Balance of Nature’
Chemical Expert Tells RFK, Jr.

Europe has banned most of the neonicotinoids. The U.S., we haven’t done anything…”

Dr. David Carpenter
Institute for Health and the Environment
State University of New York at Albany

Global apocalypse of insects
“Something like 80% of winged insects have disappeared over the past decade.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

the Defender

Related from the Defender:
EPA Ignores Own Science
Plans to Reapprove Deadly Neonicotinoid Pesticides
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plans to extend the registration of several neonicotinoid insecticides, despite the agency’s own findings of evidence of serious threats to pollinators, aquatic invertebrates and other wildlife.

Something seems to be amiss at our 3-letter agencies. Do these people have the nerve to refer to what they do as “the science”? Geesh.

Guest column
The Roundup reckoning
Farmworkers win key glyphosate decision

“On June 17, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed what we have long known – that the EPA’s safety findings are deeply flawed. The court’s decision in Rural Coalition, et al. v. U.S. EPA overturned the agency’s determination that glyphosate is not likely to cause cancer. It also held that the EPA failed to protect species listed under the Endangered Species Act before approving glyphosate.”

Amy van Saun and Bill Frees
Center for Food Safety


Related from THE NEW LEDE
“The 9th Circuit panel found that the EPA failed to follow established guidelines for determining cancer risk, ignored important studies, and discounted expert advice from a scientific advisory panel in officially declaring that the weed killer glyphosate was ‘not likely to be carcinogenic.'”

Carey Gillam

Appeals court overturns a Monsanto win
on Roundup cancer issue

11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Bayer Loses Again
Supreme Court Upholds $87 Million Award
in Roundup Cancer Case

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dealt another blow to Bayer AG’s effort to defend itself against ongoing litigation over allegations that Roundup herbicide causes cancer, denying the company’s request for a review of a California trial loss.

the Defender

2011 Documentary
Silence of the Pandas
What the WWF Isn’t Saying

“So many of these companies are being criticized for contaminating the environment, for destroying forests, deforesting, destroying rivers. They need some kind of cover. Companies are essentially buying the Panda just to greenwash things… saying, oh yes, we have an alliance with World Wildlife Fund, so everything’s fine.

The indigenous people, they’re having awful problems with penetration of petroleum companies, mining, and the bio-fuel plantations. They’re just sweeping through those areas. And, a number of these companies give money to the conservation groups. And so, they tend to stay away from criticizing them.”

Mac Chapin, anthropologist
40+ years working with indigenous peoples in the rainforests

the WDR and the SWR
Hosted by Films for Action
Powered by Daily Motion

Has World Wildlife Fund turned a blind eye to destruction of tropical rainforest and wildlife habitat by their corporate donors? Does that include deforestation, water pollution, Roundup poisoning of land and local communities, GMO crops replacing rainforest, and governmental land theft from indigenous peoples? Was there a royal connection to the establishment of WWF?

The anonymous

On the show, Chris Hedges discusses the ongoing persecution of human rights lawyer Steven Donziger.

“Donziger, a graduate of Harvard Law School, has been fighting polluting American oil companies for nearly three decades on behalf of indigenous communities and peasant farmers in Ecuador.

His only “crime” was winning a $9.5 billion judgment in 2011 against Chevron for thousands of plaintiffs. The oil giant had bought Texaco oil company holdings in Ecuador, inheriting a lawsuit alleging it deliberately discharged 16 billion gallons of toxic waste from its oil sites into rivers, groundwater, and farmland.

Since the verdict, Chevron has come after him, weaponizing litigation to destroy him economically, professionally, and personally.”

Chris Hedges

On Contact

“Fluoride Science is Corporate Science.
Fluoride Science is DDT Science.
It’s asbestos science, it’s tobacco science.
It’s a racket.”

Christopher Bryson
Author of The Fluoride Deception

Fluoride Free NZ

The Hard to Swallow Truth

“Fluoridation is the greatest case
of scientific fraud of this century
if not, of all time.”

Dr. Robert Carton, Ph.D
former US EPA scientist

Collective Evolution
In Association with Beam Beam Pictures

Related at…
Jon Rappoport’s Blog

The EPA’s Role in the Pollution Story Behind Fluoridation
Audio interview with former EPA scientist
Full Transcript of interview

Daily Health Post

Is fluoride a toxic waste substance added to our drinking water? Is it intended to dumb us down and make us docile and easily controlled?

Internal CDC Emails Claim
Assistant Secretary For Health Blocked Release Of Fluoride Review

“Newly released emails reveal that leadership within the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institute of Health acted to prevent the release of long-delayed review of fluoride’s toxicity by the National Toxicology Program. The emails specifically claim that Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine intervened to stop the release of the NTP review…”

Derrick Broze

The Last American Vagabond

GMOs, “Biggest Fraud in the History of Science”


Bill Gates and the
Uncertain Future of Food Security
The Cogent

Farmers’ Protest in India
Price of Failure Will Be immense

Press Release
200 organisations urge donors to scrap AGRA
The future of African food systems must be in African hands.

The Great Global Warming Swindle
Full Movie

“CO2 began to increase exponentially in about 1940. But, the temperature actually began to decrease 1940… continued until about 1975.”

Professor Syun-Ichi Akasofu
International Arctic Research Centre

“Anyone who goes around and says that carbon dioxide is responsible for most of the warming in the twentieth century hasn’t looked at the basic numbers.”

Professor Patrick Michaels
Dept of Environmental Sciences
University of Virginia

A Wag TV Production for Channel 4
Director: Martin Durkin

This documentary feels like an earthquake of truth… but, in a good way… since this is actually really good news.

United Nations definition of Climate Change

“Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels.”

“The IPCC, like any UN body, is political.
The final conclusions are politically driven.”

Professor Philip Stott
Department of Biogeography
University of London

The Great Global Warming Swindle

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
United Nations

“Carbon dioxide is the basis of life…
It’s fertilizing all our forests and food crops…

All greenhouse growers purposely
inject CO2 into their greenhouses to
make it 800 to 1200 ppm…
And they do that because they get 30
to 50 to even 60 % greater yield.”

Patrick Moore, PhD
Nine years as President of Greenpeace Canada
Six years as a Director of Greenpeace International

The “Suicide Pact” and Climate Change Narrative.
Dr. Patrick Moore Interviewed by
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
@1:14:37 in video


Plants encouraged as CO2 levels reach 400 ppm

“All life on Earth exists because of
CO2. It is essential to flora, which
then produce oxygen essential to fauna.

The phrase ‘greenhouse gas
pollution’ is false. CO2 is not a pollutant

Guest Opinion:
Dr. Tim Ball is writing on behalf of the plants.

Watts Up With That?

Dr. Tim Ball and Dr. Patrick Moore are two of the experts featured in…
Exposed The Climate Of Fear
Glen Beck’s last show for CNN in 2008. Various global warming topics are discussed briefly.

It reveals how the UN’s IPCC compiles its reports.

“Facts” in Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, are disputed
… including the belief that CO2 causes global warming… rather than that CO2 increases AFTER the earth warms.

Some may want to skip the first third of this show… as Bush and Cheney are featured there.

More from Dr. Tim Ball here and here.

Remembering Tim Ball

23:33 Is anything absent in the IPCC
(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
UN reports?

24:55 How can an inquiry be changed into a cover-up?

36:52 Is corruption tarnishing the entire enterprise of science?

41:09 “There is no shortage of water. And, there are some relatively cheap technologies for producing water… Really, the idea about peak water, is… it’s going to get into shorter and shorter supply. And, therefore, we need to have government come in and take control of it all.” – Dr. Tim Ball

53:37 “…They wanted something that was global in its stride, to argue that no one government could manage it.

They came very close. In 2009, there was a conference… in Copenhagen, at which they were going to finalize the carbon tax for the world. That was going to fund all of this one world government. It was going to be done through the IMF (the International Monetary Fund) which, of course, is another of these great over-arching unaccountable bureaucracies.

These people really believe that only they can run the world… They want one world government. They want to get rid of national governments and individualism.” – Dr. Tim Ball

The Corbett Report

Climate Disruption: It’s Not Due to CO2

By Prof. Claudia von Werlhof and Silvia Terribili
Global Research via Lew Rockwell

Is there environmental damage to the ozone layer due to military activities past and present? Is this resulting in loss of insects, birds, and more? This article is quite interesting.

Where were the starving W. Hudson Bay polar bears in 2020
if the population had declined by 2021?

Get it Right, Washington Post,
Climate Change Isn’t Causing a Decline in Coral Reefs

Claim: Discovery Reveals
Large, Year-Round Ozone Hole Over Tropics

Great Barrier Reef sees record growth
despite climate alarmist fears

Zero Carbon Agenda Deconstructed

What is a zero-carbon future? What does it look like? To imagine, turn off your heater. No airports. No shipping. No animals. Perfect surveillance state.

Ice Age Farmer

IRENA & Co-Conspirators with Privileges & Immunities
Hustle Climate Hoax to
Siphon Trillions & Destabilize Global Economy

“Though IRENA does periodically publish
financial and investment reports,
tracking the massive transfer of the world’s wealth
between international organizations,
facilitated by this agency
in the name of climate change,
becomes an almost insurmountable task
due to layers of immunities and inviolability of documents.”

by The Sharp Edge
Corey’s Digs

In the last hundred years, has world temperature warmed up less than one degree?
If carbon dioxide gets down to 150 ppm, will all plant life die?
Is the average global termperature difficult to calculate?
Is there no evidence that hurricanes, floods, droughts, tornadoes are increasing?

Related at:
The Last American Vagabond
The Conscious Resistance

Keystone XL pipeline nixed
after Biden stands firm on permit
The Associated Press

Very good news.
Was there a huge spill already with this project?

Biden administration to suspend Arctic oil leases
issued under Trump

YES!!! Thank you.

Corn-Based Ethanol
“may actually be worse for the climate
than fossil-based gasoline,
and has other environmental downsides”


Massive Methane Cloud Visible From Space
Leaks Above Louisiana

US To Begin Importing Oil From Gavin Newsom’s Hair
The Babylon Bee

What is killing bald eagles in the U.S.?

Recycling is a SCAM!
J.J. McCullough

What’s Happening to All the “Recycled” Waste
Now That It’s Not Shipped to China?

Could the world go PFAS-free?
Proposal to ban ‘forever chemicals’ fuels debate

Guest column
Innovation and policy need to come together to
solve the plastic crisis

Sea Creatures Looking Forward To Wearing Discarded Masks For Next Few Million Years
The Babylon Bee

Related discussion at Nature

Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to
reduce your impact on Earth
Sustainable Human

Cowspiracy on Netflix!
World of Vegan

This movie is an eye opener.

Seaspiracy on Netflix!

Navy Rethinks Pacific Training that Endangers Whales, Dolphins and Other Marine Life
New environmental impact statement required for destructive sonar and explosives use

Evidence Says
Offshore Wind Development Is Killing Lots Of Whales

“To date NOAA has issued an astounding 46 one-year IHA’s for offshore wind sites. Site characterization typically includes the protracted use of what I call ‘machine gun sonar‘. This shipboard device emits an incredibly loud noise several times a second, often for hours at a time, as the ship slowly maps the sea floor.”

David Wojick, Ph.D.

PA Pundits – International
“the relentless pursuit of common sense”

Have at least 350 whales died since 2016 along the east coast… in the same ocean area where Offshore Wind Development has been happening? Will the endangered right whale go extinct? Is the noise that ships make equivalent to 90 decibels on land… and happening day and night? Is that louder than the NOAA even allows? Do whales use their hearing for navigation and care of their offspring?

Will the waves created by wind turbines destroy plankton (whale food)?

Is the California legislature going to allow this to happen to our ocean off the coast of California? Did the federal government recently lease 583 square miles off the California coast for offshore wind farms?

Are both onshore and offshore wind energy projects uneconomic?

Brazil’s Big Cats Under Threat From Wind Farms
‘Jaguars & pumas face extinction in Brazil’s northeast as the fast-growing wind power industry frightens them off their land’

Guest column
Wind energy or whales?
NGO financial conflicts uncovered

Obama creates the largest protected place on the planet, in Hawaii

“President Obama on Friday created the largest ecologically protected area on the planet when he expanded a national marine monument in his native Hawaii to encompass more than half a million square miles.”

Juliet Eilperin

The Washington Post

Bill Moyers and Chris Hedges on
Capitalism’s ‘Sacrifice Zones’

“These are areas that have been destroyed for quarterly profit. We’re talking about environmentally destroyed, communities destroyed, human beings destroyed, families destroyed.”

Chris Hedges

Moyers on Democracy

Watch the world change over the course of over three decades of satellite photography.
Google Unveils a 3-Decade Time-Lapse of the Earth

Here’s how America uses its land

Fire Activity Map
Fire in California
University of California
Agriculture and Natural Resources

Click OK on the NAPSG popup.

It looks like they are in the process of expanding
to include the entire USA.


“I believe that all the fires we’ve
seen in the last several years in
, not all of them,
but most of them, a majority of them,
were intentional

And, that they’re using high-tech
directed energy weapons. And, that
the evidence factors can be found in
other countries where they’re doing
the same thing.”

John Lord
Retired Fire Captain
As you Wish Talk Radio 3/6/2020

Part 1
Paradise Fires–Massive “Event”
Expert Testimony Retired Fire Captains

California Firemen Find
Signatures of Directed Energy Weapons

Did the Global Mafia BURN IT DOWN
to cover up Vax Injury Proof?

Curiosities surrounding a huge fire that destroyed 90% of Lytton, BC. The fire destroyed the research of Vaccine Injury doctor Charles Hoffe.

Amazing Polly

What is HAARP?

Burn Back Better
A Perfect Storm or a Perfect Crime?
by Shelby Hosana, Stephanie Pierucci, 2023

Related video interview

Frontline Report Of The Maui Fires & Relief Efforts
The Last American Vagabond

The Daily Wrap Up @1:20:34
Vanessa Beeley
Due Diligence and Art
Reinette Senum’s Foghorn Express
The Secular Heretic
police chief discussion

Is the AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Directed Energy Directorate located on Maui?
Did it develop the USAF’s first-ever operational directed energy weapons?

Was there an attack that blinded a large public telescope in Hilo? Did this prevent them from witnessing what was going on during the Maui fire?

Wasn’t the fire supposed to have come from burning grass surrounding Lahaina? But, it doesn’t look like the areas around Maui are blackened grass in this
day after aerial drone fire footage.

No blackened grass seen in this bus ride immediately after the fire? Is it just brown dirt around the edges of the city?

So where did the fire actually come from anyway? The ocean?

Hawaiian Electric provides update on Lahaina fires, response

“A fire at 6:30 a.m. (the ‘Morning Fire’) appears to have been caused by power lines that fell in high winds. The Maui County Fire Department responded to this fire, reported it was ‘100% contained,’ left the scene and later declared it had been ‘extinguished.’

At about 3 p.m., a time when all of Hawaiian Electric’s power lines in West Maui had been de-energized for more than six hours, a second fire (the ‘Afternoon Fire’) began in the same area. The cause of the devastating Afternoon Fire has not been determined.”

Hawaiian Electric

Weather Warfare

Ten Technologies to Own the Weather Today!
Explore the latest machinations of the Climate Changers, Cloud Creators, and Weather Warfare.

“Geoengineering will affect rainfall patterns worldwide. Everything you’re seeing here is about control of resources, control of water

This is global weather modification on a scale that most people cannot imagine.”

James Franklin Lee Jr.
@38:55   @51:08

ClimateViewer News

Was weather warfare waged on Florida to get DeSantis to stop migrant transports?

The migrant transfers in the middle of last month were immediately followed by attempts to legally go after those governors that were doing the transports. As soon as that appeared to have failed, we see a weather emergency pop up in Florida.

Very curious timing.

“…boats that they can place wherever they want
and heat the ionosphere at will,
to do things like looking underground and
creating earthquakes and
steering the… jetstream

James Franklin Lee Jr.
Did HAARP Destroy
North Korea’s Nuclear Program?

ClimateViewer News

No one f—- with a Biden

Joe Biden
President of USA
during visit to Florida after hurricane

President caught on hot mic
‘No one f—- with a Biden’

The mainstream media mostly spun Biden’s remark to a Florida poltician during Biden’s visit to Florida after the hurricane as mirthful and friendly. Oh yeah, har-de-har-har. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

It’s starting to look like it might be Newsom vs DeSantis in 2024.

Was weather engineering used to steer jetstreams and rain towards California recently? Was this an effort to end the drought and inspire Californians to stay here? Was that for political reasons? Have U-Haul trucks been heading out of California and driving to Florida? Might that be an image problem for Newsom in a presidential matchup?

Does weather engineering allow certain powerful elites to create artificial droughts? Are droughts being used to try to justify centralized control of water? Are certain powerful elites willing to temporarily sacrifice their long-term water control and food insecurity plans for the short-term plan of getting their WEF buddy elected as President of the USA?

Is weather engineering used for POLITICAL REASONS?

Did Hurricane Ian in Florida 2022
reach a strength that only 39 storms have achieved since records began?

Has the California snowpack as of April 2023
climbed to an all-time high?

Does this mean that California had a miraculous and completely unexpected recovery from dire drought conditions in 2023? You’ll notice that all the pundits emphasize that THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY! Yep, after the 2024 presidential election, we go back to water scarcity again here in California?

Did Fort Lauderdale Florida just experience a 1-in-1,000-year flood?

Pakistan Floods
A Warning
or Pre-Emptive Geoengineering?

“If anybody thinks that the recent extreme Pakistani monsoon floods… and the US-instigated ousting of Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, are sheer coincidence, might be dead-wrong.

There are no coincidences. Within the timeframe of UN Agenda 2030, or the Great Reset, all is connected.”

Peter Koenig, Global Research

Were street protests interrupted by a monsoon flood which forced a million Pakistani citizens out of their homes? Did the monsoon interfere with them following through and getting their politician back?

Did the new Pakistani PM approve an IMF agreement?

Were the Turkish Earthquakes Man-Made?

“24 hours before the earthquake, 10 countries withdrew their ambassadors from Turkey. 5 days before its occurrence, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning for Romanian citizens in Turkey, although there was no danger, as did other countries…

The maps shown on all the television channels show that there was no epicentre, but a line with thousands of earthquakes.”

Romanian Senator Diana Iovanovici Șoșoacă .
In a statement to Romania’s upper house

James Delingpole

Related video:
Are Microwave Transmission Facilities Being Used To Trigger Earthquakes?

Was this a warning to Erdoğan, Turkey’s leader? Was he neutral in the Ukrainian war? Did he try to block Sweden’s attempt to join NATO? Did his speech at Davos disturb TPTSB (the powers that shouldn’t be)? Is this also a message to leaders of other nations?

The Devastating Effects Of The Earthquake In Turkey

The Environmental Modification
Accountability Act


An Act
To End Atmospheric Experimentation
Without Notification

ClimateViewer News

California storms
When a year’s worth of rain in two weeks isn’t enough

“Some of the rainwater is flooding rivers, flowing out to sea, and washing into storm drains… But much of it is also making its way to the 1,500 reservoirs that, along with thousands of miles of canals, aqueducts, and rivers, make up the state’s water grid… Eight of the state’s 17 major reservoirs have above-average water levels…

The Colorado River Basin provides water to 40 million people in seven states – Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, and California – and it’s running dangerously low. So low, those states have until Jan. 31 to come up with plans to reduce their water use, or the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation will step in and dictate the cuts.”

Ali Martin, Francine Kiefer
The Christian Science Monitor

Is it constitutional for the feds to step in and dictate water cuts to states along the Colorado River?

“The powers not delegated to the United States
by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States,
are reserved to the States respectively,
or to the people.”

The Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Rain or Shine

“Heavy rain and snow are expected across the state on Election Day. And the Newsom/Biden camps are openly celebrating.

After all the lectures about ‘voter access’ and ‘protecting democracy,’ they are downright giddy at the prospect of people being deterred from voting by inclement weather.”

Kevin Kiley
California Legislator

Was election day the ONLY day this year with heavy rain during the daytime in Southern California? So, what COULD these folks actually be doing the rest of the year to end the drought?

Spain Law allows geoengineering experiments

Over 50 countries are currently carrying out “activities to artificially change the weather”,
explained the Spanish weather agency AEMET
and speaks of “chemical contrails” or “chemtrails”.


Related on rainmaking during the Vietnam War at
The New York Times

2010 Documentary

… an investigation into all aspects of the phenomenon of chemtrails… These trails are clearly not water vapor contrails, which evaporate after several minutes…

Playing God with the atmosphere may have severe consequences, particularly given that the compounds these scientists are testing are known to cause debilitating health problems and could lead to massive droughts and famines.

Truth Media Productions

Related video:

Is our environment and air being polluted with metals? Does this make our forests extremely combustible? Do these metals also kill tree roots?

Is this potentially a gold mine for companies producing special GMO plants and food that can grow in polluted soil? Is it possible that humans won’t be able to grow their own non-GMO food in the future?

UN Supervillains Threaten to Dim the Sun
The Corbett Report

Is there a PR campaign for chemtrails going on? Did the terminology switch to SRM? Solar Radiation Management? Stratospheric Aerosol Injections?

As always, reader comments are a great part of the conversation.

Golden Gate Weather Services

24 hour Rain Totals California
Plus Nevada and Southern Oregon
San Diego Weather Center

Rain, Snow, Ice, Mix
AccuWeather, Inc.

Worldwide rain map

Mapping a State’s Secret Water
How groundwater mapping could be a game-changer for California

Sierra Magazine


California Issues Hypothermia Warning
After Temperature Drops Below 68 Degrees
Babylon Bee

California Drought Update
Joy Camp

The Meat Industry Wastes Water
Nearly half of all the water used in the U.S. goes to raising animals for food.

Factory Farms Spew Manure Into U.S. Waterways
Why Doesn’t the EPA Stop Them?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is supposed to protect important waterways from pollution, but manure from concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, continues to harm waterways — and only one-third of the largest facilities have a federal permit.

the Defender
Children’s Health Defense
News & Views

Available in the frozen foods section of many grocery stores…
Morning Star Farms Meatless Bacon Strips
They are super great on a BLT sandwich… smell great and taste wonderful!


Plant Based Ground Be’f
This is good in a pot of spaghetti instead of hamburger.

f’sh filets
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lightly breaded turk’y cutlets

MorningStar Farms

Veggie Corn Dogs
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The nuggets are great with Chick-fil-A Polynesian Sauce

Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey Mustard dipping sauce is delicious with the corn dogs.

Best Foods

Vegan Dressing & Spread
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Veggie Pizza

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Bake another 10 minutes.

Voila! Guilt-free delicious pizza.

Plant a Wildlife Hedge Instead of Building a Fence
Here’s what to plant to keep wildlife happy and the neighbors out of sight.