Predicting the CBDC Rollout
James Corbett on Reality Check Radio
The Corbett Report

How do globalist predators intend to implement their tyranny? Maybe…
(1) Digital ID (alias Health Pass)
(2) CBDC rollout (alias Digital Cash)
(3) WW3

How evil is Digital Cash? Sounds pretty harmless, doesn’t it? Are the financial predators ready to rock and roll on Digital Cash?

But, they still need to get us to go along with it. Will the people of our world zombie walk into this slavery?

CBDC: Central Bank Digital Currency

Are globalist banker plans for CBDC financial tyranny nearing completion?

Are they desperate to eradicate any monetary systems that might honestly compete with the CBDC financial tyranny that they want to push down onto us?

Are CBDC truth tellers being preyed upon by the Feds? Are some champions of financial liberty even being thrown into prison?

Will a false flag or other emergency be the excuse for Congress to ram through a bill enabling CBDCs?

  • Congress won’t read the bill before voting YES?
  • Is CBDC legislation currently being drafted by financial criminals?
  • Is this the result of NOT prosecuting financial criminals during the financial crash of 2008?

The clock is ticking. But, it’s not too late to take action. Competitive monetary systems are discussed here.

The Future of Food
The Corbett Report

Regenerative Agriculture

The Fight for Health Freedom Continues
The Corbett Report

Smokin’ hot interview of James Roguski by James Corbett.

Is the WHO attempting to grab money from the world via fraudulent votes at its meetings? What can we do to take back our health freedom?

The REAL Solution to the UN Madness
More info

There are multitudes of truth telling individuals the world over that have risked sometimes a little… sometimes a lot… including their careers or freedom or possessions… and sometimes everything… including their lives. Do we owe these people a debt of gratitude for their courage?

What can we do to support these truth tellers?

Then also… globally… Has censorship and persecution been ramped up? It’s not just Germany. Did France recently pass a law making it a crime to expose medical narratives in their country?

Two fearless truth tellers in alternative media got sick out of the blue recently. Another appears to be getting harassed with frivolous lawsuits. Others are facing severe financial hardship. Is God with each one of us every moment? That still voice guiding us if we quiet down and listen? I’ve always depended on that. However, prayerful support is very much welcome at this time.

The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuëllmich
The internal coup to sabotage the Second Nuremberg
The Reese Report

Is Reiner getting railroaded in a court proceeding that is not allowing in Reiner’s evidence?
More here

The Criminalization of Dissent (continued)
The Road to Totalitarianism (Part 3)
by C.J. Hopkins

Germany announces wide-ranging
plans to restrict the speech, travel
and economic activity of political dissidents

in order to better control
the “thought and speech patterns”
of its own people

Prescription Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death

New Report
Medical Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death in America

Are psychiatric drugs the THIRD leading cause of death?

Does Child Protective Services sometimes remove children from families if parents don’t go along with psychiatric drug prescriptions?

Double Yikes.

What happens when government is just plain flat out wrong? Is it the responsibility of parents to be defending their children?

This is not just theoretical. The World Health Organization is in the middle of a huge power and money grab. Will the WHO transform from an advisory body to an unaccountable governing one? Will ONE PERSON — the WHO Director-General – lead the world by invoking lockdowns & travel restrictions & Digital Passes & liability-free vaccines and censorship of those exposing WHO misinformation… plus be able to dole out expensive contracts to his friends? Will this be possible without even providing proof of a pandemic?

A vote will be held at the end of May 2024 at the World Health Assembly. Will globalist predators finally have their One World Government? Stay tuned.

As Planned By The Global Leaders

Film by Stop World Control

They are telling us what they plan to do.

@19:37 They are herding us into smart cities… for the purpose of surveilling and controlling us via SMART Technology.

@23:01 Is there No Climate Emergency according to a report from 1600 world leading scientists? Is that just an excuse to herd us into their tyrannical agenda?

Are they planning to transform human DNA and turn us into something not human? Meanwhile, will the elite be transformed into a different kind of species? @27:42

It’s not too late for each of us to rise up and SAY NO to their plans… as we wise up to their plans. We were born to live in freedom. @36:26

In Test, Google Removing California News Websites from Search as
Lawmakers Eye ‘Link Tax’

Related: Link Taxes

Do link taxes result in censorship? Will link taxes keep the public from being able to freely share links to online news stories?

Was October 7 an Inside Job?

How connected to the Mossad — Israeli Secret Intelligence — was Hamas? Was Hamas paid off with millions by Mossad? Did Israeli military stand down for 6 hours during this event? Was this a false flag used by Israeli government as an excuse for the eradication of Palestinians in Gaza?

2024 Documentary by John Hankey

On April 1st, did Israel attack an Iranian Embassy in Syria and kill Iranian officers? Is Iran proposing a ceasefire in Gaza in return for no retaliation? Is Biden walking back talk of a ceasefire?

Do Israel and the United States WANT war with Iran? Does Iran have large oil deposits and NO Rothschild central bank? So… a tempting target for globalist predators?

Is Israel trying to destract from their war on Gaza with war on Iran and Lebanon and Syria? Could this start up WW3?


Israel is Crossing All Boundaries as
America Tires of its Endless Wars

How Big a Factor Is Iran in the War on Gaza?

Trump Says Biden Has ‘Totally Abandoned Israel’

Biden Walks Back Call for Israel to Declare a Ceasefire in Gaza

Related on China & WW3 at The Corbett Report

The Great Taking
When the Derivatives Bubble Bursts
A “Protected Class” of Secured Creditors
Will Take All Collateral

Door To Freedom

The Great Taking – Documentary
“Even the people at the top don’t understand what is about to happen? They will be destroyed by their own hand if they do this.”
— David Webb @50:58

The Great Taking – Free online book

Is this TAKING legally enabled in all 50 states… and around the world? Time to talk to our state representatives!

Is this not really about them taking our stuff? They don’t need our stuff. They’ve already got plenty! Is this really about a few uber rich folks getting absolute control of us… and the end of our freedom? (not theirs)

Near the end of the video documentary, David Webb suggests solutions.

Imagine no taxes to file each year? Instead a .001 fee on all electronic transactions? And no fee on cash transactions?

Imagine corporations actually PAYING taxes via this fee?

No more central bank owned by private interests? Instead the central bank as a public utility?

No more need to fight wars that are waged on countries that have a state owned central bank? Like say… Iran?

And, the end of legal infrustructure intended to enable a few uber rich folks to take control of everybody and everything?

Will this documentary and book help top decision makers decide NOT to go along with this planned demolition of our world? If we share this information, will it percolate up to the top!

Who Owns the Federal Reserve Bank
and Why is It Shrouded in Myths and Mysteries?

Brace for Impact
Unveiling the Truth Behind Our Skies
& SOS Swarm Webinar Tonight!
Reinette Senum’s Foghorn Express

Seth’s video interview of Reinette reveals what’s going on outside. Reinette suggests various legal action that we can take to stop this pollution. We are needed now to save life on earth!

Amazing video interview, Reinette.

Save Our Skies

Dr. Scott Atlas
The Biden Administration continues to
appoint people who were wrong on COVID-19

Were some government officials the chief purveyors of disinformation and misinformation during the pandemic? When there are no consequences for government lying or incompetence… will it just happen over and over and over again?

mistakes were made
assessing what “leaders” claim to have “learned”
and what they should have known all along

Anthony Fauci Has Been Abusing Animals for 40 Years
The stuff you’ve seen on social media barely scratches the surface.

“Estimates of the number of animals experimented on each year in the United States range from the tens of millions to over 100 million, most of them paid for with taxpayer money.”

Leighton Woodhouse

Social Studies

Fauci Just Canceled $1.8 Million In Grisly Beagle Experiments

“From a scientific perspective, the problem is that dogs, monkeys and mice are not simplified versions of humans. This is why the NIH reports that 95 percent of drugs that pass animal tests — often including beagles — fail in humans because they don’t work or are dangerous.”

Lawrence Hansen, M.D.
Professor of neuroscience and pathology
University of California
San Diego School of Medicine

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Mistakes Were NOT Made
An Anthem for Justice

This Anthem for Justice is my attempt to succinctly chronicle the calculated intentionality underlying the COVID tyranny, and I ask your help in spreading the clear message that #MistakesWereNOTMade. Please share this poem and keep it handy for the next time anybody uses verbiage to gloss over the atrocities committed.

Let’s make 2023 the Year of Accountability
so none dare repeat such acts in the future.

Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass

Especially interesting is Ryan Cristián’s discussion of gain of function bioweapons research at The Last American Vagabond @1:16:28. He questions the possibility “of a natural or an enemy happening with the thing you managed to create in your lab. i think that’s one in a billion, if not one in a trillion… That’s ridiculous.”

Bred to Suffer
Inside the Barbaric U.S. Industry of Dog Experimentation

White Coat Waste Project is a taxpayer watchdog group representing more than 2 million liberty-lovers and animal-lovers who all agree:

Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay
over $20 billion every year for wasteful and cruel experiments on dogs, cats, monkeys and other animals.

Lawmakers Press Fauci’s Agency
Over Taxpayer-Funded Animal Tests

“With no apparent plan in place to reduce inefficient and painful testing on dogs, the NIH is therefore an outlier among its peers. This is particularly notable given that the NIH has frequently acknowledged the wastefulness of animal testing.”

White Coat Waste Project


NIH Director Monica M. Bertagnolli, M.D.

5/15/2023 Nominated by President Joe Biden
11/7/2023 Confirmed by the U.S. Senate
11/9/2023 Took office

National Institutes of Health

Does Biden’s NIH nominee back gain of function research?
Outsourcing our testing to China’s animal labs?
Wasteful dog testing?
Did Monica Bertagnolli experiments burn animals’ skin off in animal testing studies?

This Is Not Just About the Border…
Truthstream Media

Don’t Worry!
The Border Problem is About to be Solved!

Is there a connection between border policies and the development of a centralized digital control grid?

Will border “problems” result in a “solution” of digital ID and surveillance? Does problem / reaction / solution explain the political scenario that has been evolving for decades?

Are they building digital walls to keep us from leaving the country… or maybe even a 15-minute city?

Is the military having a hard time meeting their recruiting quotas? Are foreigners being promised citizenship in return for serving in our military? Has that resulted in a flood of young adult male immigrants?

Has the United Nations paid immigrants to come to the USA? Does UN money ultimately come from the USA via our funding of the UN?

Has CIA meddling in foreign countries been a problem for those countries? Has American foreign policy resulted in foreigners wanting to leave their homes and come here?

Is Israel bombing the civilian population of Gaza? Are children 50% of the population? Are people not being allowed to escape from Palestine? Are people from other nations.. including the USA… also trapped there? Do these people need electricity, clean water, food, fuel? Is this not being allowed in?

“[The fact that the border was breached in 15 places] is completely ridiculous because normally with one breach of the fence, the whole army is triggered and things start moving immediately. Things start moving immediately and here there was nothing for hours.”

Efrat Fenigson (@efenigson)
Independent Journalist
Podcaster, Israeli Citizen
Served in Israel’s intelligence forces

Wide Awake Media on X

More of this interview at…
DarkHorse Podcast with Bret Weinstein

Is this Israel’s 9/11 or Pearl Harbor? But what happened in each of those situations? In each event, was there a stand down of the military engineered by those with political power and for political reasons? Whenever a stand DOWN is happening… it may be a good time to be asking ourselves if something nefarious is UP.

Was 9/11 made to happen by certain criminal elements of the US government? On 9/11, was the chain of command AWOL?

Pearl Harbor
Were we well aware of what was going on with the Japanese… because we broke their codes? Did Roosevelt fail to warn local commanders in Hawaii of an imminent attack? Was the attack on Pearl Harbor the excuse FDR wanted to get the USA into World War II? Did Roosevelt do everything he could to get Japan to attack us?

Israel was aware that Hamas was planning something? Did Egypt warn Israel repeatedly that “something big” was being planned from Gaza? Was there subsequently no military response for hours to the 15 border breaches by Hamas?

Earlier this year, were Israeli plans made to retake Gaza? Was the plan to clear out Gaza to make way for Israeli settlers?
“In March, 2023 Israeli parliament passed a law paving the way to conquer the Gaza Strip and re-establish settlements.”
Dan Cohen @dancohen3000

Are north Gaza residents being required to move to south Gaza? Are even hospitals in north Gaza being required to evacuate by the Israeli military?

Are oil and natural gas resources in Palestine worth hundreds of billions of dollars?

Was Hamas created and funded by the US and Israel? Has Hamas been supported by various governments led by Benjamin Netanyahu that undermined the Palestinian Authority and propped up the Hamas terror group?

Does Israel constantly surveil and control the residents of Palestine? Are Palestinians allowed to be self governing?

“Gaza is the world’s largest open air prison, with 2 million people being held in captivity, essentially… and utterly controlled from outside.

Then what they are doing is not deciding on some sort of government in some free and fair election for their nation state. At best, they’re getting a suggestion box for prison warden.”

James Corbett @45:59
The Last American Vagabond

Great source links are listed below this informative video interview. More show notes here.

9/11, Israel & the Mossad Investigated
with Christopher Bollyn

Killed In Gaza By Israeli Bombing
140 Kids, 11 UN Staff, 30 UN School Pupils
& 4 Israeli Hostages

“the concert… there’s all sorts of weird discrepancies about what happened there… Two or three first people who were shown all turned out to be lies.

  • The woman on the bike is an IDF member.
  • The woman who they claim is killed turns out she’s in the hospital according to her mother…
  • The story about the babies… that turned out to be a false story.

So, it’s pretty clear that we have a reason to go… Wait a minute. Maybe there’s something else going on here.”

Ryan Cristián @1:35:36
The Last American Vagabond

Jackson Hinkle on X

Media, Israel Walk Back Claims that Hamas Beheaded Babies
Flashback: Babies on Bayonets

October 7 testimonies reveal
Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens
with tanks, missiles


Is Israel’s Hannibal Directive a military plan to prevent kidnappings by killing both captors and captives? Were some particularly jarring photos actually photos of Hamas and their captives… killed by Israeli hellfire missiles?

Israhell and the Hannibal Directive
Evidence Shows Israel Killed Own Citizens On The 7th
53 UN Staff, Journalists Deliberately Killed

The Israel-Hamas War is ALREADY Pushing the Great Reset Agenda

The Great Reset agenda includes censorship, surveillance, no bodily autonomy, digital ID, carbon credits, programmable digital currency, centralized control, high energy prices, easily controlled & surveilled 15-minute city prisons, and unnatural food.

Were most governments in on the COVID scam? They were united. Citizens were divided and distracted. Is divide-and-distract their way of sneaking in the Great Reset?

While you were watching Israel…
Just like Ukraine,
the latest war is perfect camouflage for the Great Reset

Israel-Hamas “war”
another excuse to shut down free speech

Supremacism inevitably leads to crime

Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan Over a Year Ago

Zionist Agents Drove Mass Jewish Exodus From Arab Countries,
According To Israeli Historian

“In a recently published memoir, written by Israeli-British historian, Avi Shlaim, new evidence was published on a series of false-flag attacks that were carried out by Zionists who were working on behalf of the Mossad in 1950-51. The information presented adds to the evidence that counters one of Tel Aviv’s top propaganda points, which it uses to justify the murder and mass expulsion of Palestinian civilians in 1948.”

Robert Inlakesh

The Last American Vagabond

Daily Wrap Up @1:45:45

$$$ to Israel

Is Iran next?
Is Iran a potential target because of big oil reserves there?
Is Iran one of only three countries left in the world without a Rothschild central bank?

The Real Reason For The Gaza Conflict

Widening the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
Yellow Journalism Stoking Potential War on Iran

NYT: US Intelligence Shows
Iranian Leaders Were Surprised by Hamas Attack

The Real Conflict is Not Between Israel and Palestine

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK was surrounded by military war-hawks. Instead of going to war, JFK and Khrushchev agreed to do a deal where the USA removed their missiles from Turkey in exchange for Russia withdrawing missiles from Cuba. And, JFK promised that the USA would not invade Cuba.

Bill to Ban Ballot Hand Counts Passes California Assembly
AB 969 is response to Shasta County Board of Supervisors hand count decision earlier this year
California Globe

Is the Florida hurricane weather warfare? Is it political? Is DeSantis not faring as poorly as the mainstream media would have us believe? Is that what is really up here? They’re trying to make Florida be a place that nobody wants to be?

Was weather engineering used to steer jetstreams and rain towards California last winter? Was this an effort to end the drought and inspire Californians to stay here? Was that for political reasons?

Have U-Haul trucks been heading out of California and driving to Florida? Might that be an image problem for Newsom in a presidential matchup?

Is weather engineering used for POLITICAL REASONS?

Did the announcement of a projected hurricane for Southern California clear some homeless from the streets? Nobody wnats to be out on the streets during a hurricane, right? Did the storm take a really weird abrupt turn west straight into the Los Angeles area? Is there a big homeless problem in LA?

Did this hurricane turn out to actually be a windy rain which was GREAT for Southern California? So, potentially a benefit for Newsom’s image? Nevertheless, are some politicians down here trying to make it out to have been a climate emergency and grab power? Geesh.

And now there are a few really hot days in Southern California. Again, intended to clear homeless from the streets? When we understand how much weather modification goes on, it makes weather events look suspicious.

How about the hurricane that’s about to descend on Florida? Aren’t they saying that DeSantis is lagging in the polls? So, why the need to send a hurricane there? Have they been lying to us about DeSantis?

Related at CBS This Morning

“…boats that they can place wherever they want
and heat the ionosphere at will,
to do things like looking underground and
creating earthquakes and
steering the… jetstream

James Franklin Lee Jr.
Did HAARP Destroy
North Korea’s Nuclear Program?

ClimateViewer News

Did Hurricane Ian in Florida 2022
reach a strength that only 39 storms have achieved since records began?

In April, did Fort Lauderdale Florida experience a 1-in-1,000-year flood?

Has the California snowpack as of April 2023
climbed to an all-time high?

Does this mean that California had a miraculous and completely unexpected recovery from dire drought conditions in 2023? You’ll notice that all the pundits emphasize that THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY! Yep, after the 2024 presidential election, we go back to water scarcity again here in California?

Ten Technologies to Own the Weather Today!
Explore the latest machinations of the Climate Changers, Cloud Creators, and Weather Warfare.

“Geoengineering will affect rainfall patterns worldwide. Everything you’re seeing here is about control of resources, control of water

This is global weather modification on a scale that most people cannot imagine.”

James Franklin Lee Jr.
@38:55   @51:08

ClimateViewer News

Burn Back Better
A Perfect Storm or a Perfect Crime?
by Shelby Hosana, Stephanie Pierucci, 2023

Related video interview

Frontline Report Of The Maui Fires & Relief Efforts
The Last American Vagabond

The Daily Wrap Up @1:20:34
Vanessa Beeley
Due Diligence and Art
Reinette Senum’s Foghorn Express
The Secular Heretic
police chief discussion

Is the AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Directed Energy Directorate located on Maui?
Did it develop the USAF’s first-ever operational directed energy weapons?

Was there an attack that blinded a large public telescope in Hilo? Did this prevent them from witnessing what was going on during the Maui fire?

Wasn’t the fire supposed to have come from burning grass surrounding Lahaina? But, it doesn’t look like the areas around Maui are blackened grass in this
day after aerial drone fire footage.

No blackened grass seen in this bus ride immediately after the fire? Is it just brown dirt around the edges of the city?

So where did the fire actually come from anyway? The ocean?

Hawaiian Electric provides update on Lahaina fires, response

“A fire at 6:30 a.m. (the ‘Morning Fire’) appears to have been caused by power lines that fell in high winds. The Maui County Fire Department responded to this fire, reported it was ‘100% contained,’ left the scene and later declared it had been ‘extinguished.’

At about 3 p.m., a time when all of Hawaiian Electric’s power lines in West Maui had been de-energized for more than six hours, a second fire (the ‘Afternoon Fire’) began in the same area. The cause of the devastating Afternoon Fire has not been determined.”

Hawaiian Electric

The Global Uprising Against CBDCs Has Begun!

“People DO NOT WANT programmable money and the vast majority see it for what it is: another trick on the part of the establishment to take more power and control away from every day people and put it in the hands of the banksters and their cronies.

That’s why this is the time to seize the momentum of public opinion and steer it into actual productive activity. We can encourage Cash Friday awareness. We can build up local trading communities based on alternative and complementary currencies. We can introduce those around us to Agorist.Market. We can promote community currencies and precious metals and decentralized cryptos and barter circles and the million other forms of survival currency that clued-in Corbetteers have been researching for years.

James Corbett

The Corbett Report

Decentralized money = Financial freedom
crypto, precious metals, cash, and community currency

Centralized programmable money = CBDCs
CBDCs can be turned off, expire, or be used to control what and where you can buy. If they want you to stay in your 15-minute city… then CBDC money can be programmed to not be available to you outside a certain area. CBDC can be programmed to disallow your purchase of certain items. CBDC money can be programmed with an expiration date to make you spend it or lose it. If you engage in wrongthink… your CBDC money can be turned off.

Florida to Ban CBDC’s as Money

“They’ll launder money for drug cartels
and arms dealers and Epstein pedos…
but you said on Friendster
that Sandy Hook is sketchy?

Oh, I’m sorry, you’ve been debanked.”

James Evan Pilato

Silicon Valley Bank has Epstein Connection
and more
Amazing Polly

JPMorgan Chase
“Actively Participated
in Epstein’s Sex-Trafficking Venture”

“The U.S. Virgin Islands’ attorneys have clarified to the court that they plan to show in a trial scheduled for October that JPMorgan Chase not only facilitated the sex trafficking of underage girls by Jeffrey Epstein but that the bank ‘actively participated in Epstein’s sex-trafficking venture from 2006 until 2019.’ ”

Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Wall Street on Parade
A Citizen Guide to Wall Street

James Corbett on
the WHO’s Anti-Human Agenda

“Most of the people who were on the advisory board of the World Health Organization Advisory Council… that advised them to declare this public health emergency of international concern for the swine flu… most of them had ties to the very pharmaceutical manufacturers who then directly benefited from that declaration by getting all of the contracts for the vaccines… I saw this was a swindle that was happening over and over.

And, I also saw the laying of the model health state emergency powers act which had been… formulated in the wake of the Anthrax attacks, and then passed in individual states all around the US. The majority of states now have passed some version of that legislation, that literally allows governors to become essentially medical martial law dictators.”

James Corbett @2:45

The Corbett Report via NewAmerican

Exit The WHO

Have global organizations like the World Health Organization spent years setting up control over us? Would the WHO’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Zero Draft provide the organization with
unparalleled authoritarian powers

Some politicians are now speaking up for withdrawal from the WHO. That is encouraging. But, withdrawal from the WHO is likely to happen only if enough citizens join the parade and energetically advocate for it.

And more on…

World Health Organization (WHO)

The real reason State Farm won’t sell home insurance in California anymore

“California is the only state in the country that doesn’t allow insurers’ rates to be based upon actual reinsurance costs.”

Rex Frazier, President
Personal Insurance Federation of California

Washington Examiner

In some previous fires in California, was there evidence that the forests weren’t actually on fire? Do studies & UN IPCC all reveal that Canadian fires are not due to ‘climate change’? Was the help of experienced Canadian fire fighters turned down in Canada? Was this an attempt to hide evidence from seasoned Canadian fire fighters? Have previous fires in California had extremely suspicious evidence of a possible Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) attack?

US Senate to debate digital ID plans

The Global Digital ID Prison

1-minute video:

Latest email info from “Stand for Health Freedom” is that “AB 659 is now a true recommendation and is no longer a mandate without enforcement”… with thanks to Senate Health Committee chair, Senator Eggman and her committee staffer. 🙂

AB 659 passed the California Assembly and just passed the Senate Health committee on the 28th as reported at California Legislative Information.

Are there 80 lawsuits pending involving Merck and Gardasil? Has $70+ million already been awarded to people making injury claims in court against Gardasil?

The Patriot Act on steroids
D.C. Uniparty wants to use anti-TikTok legislation as
Trojan horse for censorship and surveillance

Beltway lawmakers are setting up a smokescreen to curtail rights.

The Dossier

Beware of the Restrict Act
Patriot Act for the Internet on Steroids

Does this legislation even mention TikTok?

In 2020, legislation was submitted to congress to force adult vaccination. This was not passed… probably due to the impending election… where politicians can be held accountable for what they do.

Billions to be made with no liability for any damaging side effects or death.   And, does anyone seriously believe that one forced vaccination would be the end of this if billions can be made every time they force another vaccine into us?

Anyway, that’s what some pretty rich and powerful people are planning for us… with the corporate “news” media constantly pumping out propaganda to help them reach their goals.

They’ve been testing us with the masks. Since we so easily submitted to that… do they figure they can force vaccines into adults with little pushback?

Masks – Infection Prevention… Or Submission-Signaling?
Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity