The Great Taking
David Rogers Webb, 2023

Central Bankers have a system in place
to take everything from everyone.

2-minute overview
video documentary
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Is this TAKING legally enabled in all 50 states… and around the world? Solutions are suggested near the end of the documentary.

A History of Elitism, World Government
& Population Control

Gavin Nascimento, 2023
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Were experimentation projects performed on the population? Did this harm the health of many, both here in the USA and abroad? Was the reason given for the experimentations actually valid? Were our enemies really doing this kind of experimentation? Despite war theatrics, are Russia and China both in on the World Government tactics? And, how do bankers fit into the picture?

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Children’s Health Defense
the Defender

Adverse Effects of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines
A Report of the Committee to Review the Adverse Consequences of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines.

Editors: Christopher P. Howson, Cynthia J. Howe, and Harvey V. Fineberg.
Institute of Medicine (US), 1991

Adverse Events Associated with Childhood Vaccines
Evidence Bearing on Causality

Editors: Kathleen R. Stratton, Cynthia J. Howe, and Richard B. Johnston, Jr.
Institute of Medicine (US) Vaccine Safety Committee, 1994

Meet Carroll Quigley
The Corbett Report

Quigley’s books discuss a secret society of the ultra wealthy and powerful… and the influence of this society on historical and current events.

The Anglo-American Establishment

Tragedy and Hope
also available to borrow at the Internet Archive

Video interview with John Taylor Gatto
Gatto travels back through time to highlight the contributions of Quigley and many other key thinkers and writers. And Gatto shares ideas about how to get a good education.

Tribute to John Lauritsen
Author of ‘Poison by Prescription: The AZT Story

“John was funny, coolly intelligent, detached and yet passionate, a brilliant writer and journalist who saw through the illusions spun around the ‘AIDS epidemic’ right from the start.”

Neville Hodgkinson
Sunday Times of London, former Science Editor

the Defender

Lauritsen’s book – available free online

US Maj. General Smedley Butler

“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism [corporatism].

I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street.

I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested.

Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

The Future of Freedom Foundation

WATCH: Meet Smedley Butler

War Is a Racket
by Major General Smedley Butler, 1935
free online

Archive of Readable Books
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The UNZ Review

Germany’s War
The Origins, Aftermath and Atrocities of World War II
by John Wear, 2014

Unfinished Victory
by Arthur Bryant, 1940

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
by Antony C. Sutton, 2001

Video interview of Antony Sutton
Antony Sutton’s “Wall Street” Trilogy

Who funded Lenin, Roosevelt and Hitler?

by Antony C. Sutton, 2000

page 68: Ford quotes
page 94: FDR New Deal

Wall Street and F.D.R.
by Antony C. Sutton, 1975

“In the last few weeks of the committee’s official life it received evidence showing that certain persons had made an attempt to establish a fascist organization in this country. There is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned, and might have been placed in execution when and if the financial backers deemed it expedient…. This committee received evidence from Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler (retired), twice decorated by the Congress of the United States . . . your committee was able to verify all the pertinent statements made by General Butler….”

John W. McCormack, Chairman
Special Committee on Un-American Activities
House of Representatives
February 15, 1935

Modern History Project

A Pretext for War
9/11, Iraq, and
the Abuse of America’s Intelligence Agencies

by James Bamford, 2005

A Pretext for War reveals the systematic weaknesses behind the failure to detect or prevent the 9/11 attacks, and details the Bush administration’s subsequent misuse of intelligence to sell preemptive war to the American people.


also available to borrow at the Internet Archive

Secret affairs
Britain’s collusion with radical Islam

by Curtis, Mark, 1963
Internet Archive

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The digital Library of Alexandria is on fire… but you can help preserve The Corbett Report with The Corbett Report Data Archive.

Available on USB flash drive, you can now own every interview, every podcast, every video, every article from these years of The Corbett Report.

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Landscapes and Cycles
An Environmentalist’s Journey
to Climate Skepticism

by Jim Steele, 2013

website (not https)
audio discussion

Burn Back Better
A Perfect Storm or a Perfect Crime?
by Shelby Hosana, Stephanie Pierucci, 2023

Related video interview

“Cause Unknown”:
The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022

by Ed Dowd, 2022

The REAL Anthony Fauci
with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
The Corbett Report

Joining us today to talk about his new bestselling book,
The Real Anthony Fauci , is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Related video

CHD Bookstore

Children’s Health Defense

One Nation Under Blackmail
The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime
that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein
, VOL. 1 & 2
by Whitney Webb, 2022

This book… reveals definitively that Epstein’s activities were state-sponsored through his intelligence connections.

Related audio interview at Media Monarchy

“Where I live, you can still get a throw-away… mobile phone for $10… It may be inconvenient. But, if you’re gonna be a slave of technology, they’ll make you a slave.”

Whitney Webb

Deadly Deceits
My 25 Years in the CIA
by Ralph McGehee, 2002

A new, updated edition of this classic account of the CIA’s deeds and deceptions by one of its formerly most prized recruits.

Forbidden Bookshelf

Killing Hope
U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II
William Blum, 2004

Rogue State
A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower
William Blum, 2005

It would NOT be better to have some other country like China be the world’s superpower. Maybe not all are corrupted… but absolute power can be harmful, right?

That is a strong reason to resist One World Government and the Great Reset. One World Government would mean absolute power for centralized tyranny. The only escape from One World Government might be to leave the planet.

“Our Leaders Do Not Mean Well“
Foreign policy critic William Blum discusses Barack Obama, the media, the United States allying itself with terrorists, and more.

The Plot to Kill King
The Truth Behind the Assassination
of Martin Luther King Jr.

by William F. Pepper Esq., 2016

Did James Earl Ray do it? Or did the FBI, the mob, the military, the police, the hospital… participate in a conspiracy to kill him? Then, did establishment “news” cover it up?

I regularly find myself in awe of those who have the courage, bravery, and tenacity to uncover the truth and tell it to us. William Pepper is one of those who has spent his life doing just that.

Truth At Last
The Assassination of Martin Luther King

Obama’s Unending Wars
Fronting the Foreign Policy
of the Permanent Warfare State
by Jeremy Kuzmarov, 2019

A Company Family
The Untold History of Obama and the CIA

USA: The Ruthless Empire
Daniele Ganser, 2023

“The US soldiers based in Iraq…
they killed the others because they
heard this story of weapons of mass destruction,
which was lies,
or that Saddam had anything to do with 9-11,
which was lies.

So these 20 or 25 year old soldiers
are being fooled…
They’re being… sacrificed…
So I also speak in the name of the soldiers who were fooled,
and who come back with one limb and traumatized.”

Daniele Ganser, historian
Director of the Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research
Daniele Ganser Exposes The Ruthless Empire
The Corbett Report

Ganser discusses the peace movement and how we can expect to NOT be killing members of our human family. Ganser believes that peace can be normalized just like emancipation from slavery was normalized.

Is the US military having a hard time meeting their recruiting quotas because of past vaccine mandates? Congress revoked the military vax mandate in late 2022. However, thousands who lost their jobs over the mandate were not taken back into the military.

So, are they turning to immigrants to meet their hiring quotas? Foreigners are being promised citizenship in return for serving in our military? Has that resulted in a flood of young adult male immigrants?

Will immigrants not be likely to push back on any future experimental vaccine? And they won’t have the connection to our families that locals have, will they? Did Canada bring in disguised UN troops to beat down on the Freedom Trucker Convoy?

Has the United Nations been paying immigrants to come to the USA? Does UN money ultimately come from the USA via our funding of the UN?

Has American foreign policy and CIA meddling resulted in foreigners needing to leave their struggling countries and come here?

NATO’s Secret Armies
Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe
Daniele Ganser, 2005

After World War II, were there secret armies in Italy, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Germany? Were these “Stay Behind” armies set up by the CIA and MI6? Did they use guerilla tactics with guns and explosives? Did NATO coordinate this?

Meanwhile, even NATO ambassadors in Europe didn’t know? Legislative and judicial branches of these Western European governments didn’t know they had a secret army?

Did these secret armies commit acts of terrorism on civilian populations for political reasons? Were they behind coup d’etats in Greece (1967) and Turkey (1980)? Were there terrorist attacks in Belgium, France, and Italy?

Oklahoma City:
What the Investigation Missed-
and Why It Still Matters

by Andrew Gumbel, Roger G. Charles, 2013

Related video interview:
Roger G. Charles on
What the OKC Investigation Missed

The Creature from Jekyll Island
by G. Edward Griffin

This is the classic exposé of the Fed that has become one of the best-selling books in its category of all time. Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magician’s secrets are unveiled.

Reality Zone

Related audio:
G. Edward Griffin Unmasks the Creature from Jekyll Island

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life
by Arthur Firstenberg

Related video
@20:50 Flu & Electricity
@25:32 Telecommunications Act of 1996 – Is it illegal to regulate wireless technology on the basis of health?
@35:11 effects on animals, amphibians, insects, birds, bee colonies, forests
@44:48 5G “phased arrays”

How much do you value life on earth? Is the solution to stop using cell phones? Once we stop paying for cell phone service, will the courts and politicians be more likely to take meaningful action to protect the health of the planet?

Cellular Phone Task Force
Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space

The Deliberate Corruption
of Climate Science

by Tim Ball, PhD, 2014

Silent Spring
by Rachel Carson, 1962

Silent Spring began with a “fable for tomorrow” – a true story using a composite of examples drawn from many real communities where the use of DDT had caused damage to wildlife, birds, bees, agricultural animals, domestic pets, and even humans.

Utilizing her many sources in federal science and in private research, Carson spent over six years documenting her analysis that humans were misusing powerful, persistent, chemical pesticides before knowing the full extent of their potential harm to the whole biota.

She admonished her readers and audiences to ask “Who Speaks, And Why?” and therein to set the seeds of social revolution. She identified human hubris and financial self-interest as the crux of the problem and asked if we could master ourselves and our appetites to live as though we humans are an equal part of the earth’s systems and not the master of them.

Silent Spring inspired the modern environmental movement, which began in earnest a decade later. It is recognized as the environmental text that “changed the world.”

The Life and Legacy of

“There’s a pesticide called Atrazine
which has shown
when frogs and amphibians are exposed to it
they become hermaphrodites,
meaning they have both male and female genitalia.”

Dr. Andrew Kaufman
Video Interview

Dawn Lester and David Parker
Authors of the ground-breaking book
What Really Makes You Ill?
Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease
is Wrong.

Count Down
How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race

By Shanna Swan, PhD, with Stacey Colino, 2021

In the tradition of Silent Spring and The Sixth Extinction, an urgent, meticulously researched, and groundbreaking book about the ways in which chemicals in the modern environment are changing human sexuality and endangering fertility on a vast scale.

Turtles all the way down
Vaccine Science and Myth

Children’s Health Defense
the Defender

Related at Steve Kirsch’s newsletter

Dissolving Illusions:
Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History

by Suzanne Humphries MD, Roman Bystrianyk 2013

“Dissolving Illusions details facts and figures from long-overlooked medical journals, books, newspapers, and other sources. Using myth-shattering graphs, this book shows that vaccines, antibiotics, and other medical interventions are not responsible for the increase in lifespan and the decline in mortality from infectious diseases.

If the medical profession could systematically misinterpret and ignore key historical information, the question must be asked, ‘What else is ignored and misinterpreted today?'”

Dissolving Illusions

Related video:
Suzanne Humphries – Smallpox Illusions
How safe and effective was that vaccine?

Today’s pandemic response is eerily similar to the smallpox pandemic response

Do you remember how we got out of the mandates for smallpox? Most of my readers won’t remember it, probably because it happened over 135 years ago. Here’s the amazing story of what happened.

Steve Kirsch’s newsletter

Was smallpox conquered due to improved sanitation, greater prosperity, and expanded access to better nutrition?

Virus Mania
How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics,
Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense

Corona/COVID-19, Measles, Swine Flu, Cervical Cancer, Avian Flu, SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio, Spanish Flu.

Book by
investigative journalist Torsten Engelbrecht
Dr. Claus Köhnlein, MD
Dr. Samantha Bailey, MD
Dr. Stefano Scoglio, BSc PhD

Barnes & Noble

A State of Fear

How the UK government weaponised fear
during the Covid-19 pandemic

by Laura Dodsworth, 2021

“In one of the most extraordinary documents ever revealed to the British public, the behavioural scientists advising the government said that a substantial number of people did not feel threatened enough by Covid-19 to follow the rules. They advised the government to increase our sense of ‘personal threat’, to scare us into submission.”

A Sunday Times Bestseller
also available on Kindle and Audible

A Course in Miracles Made Easy
Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love
by Alan Cohen, 2015
Barnes & Noble

Everyday Miracles 2023
A one year spiritual journey on
Living Your Purpose!
with Robert & Hollie Holden

This is an online membership community
dedicated to the study and practice of
A Course in Miracles.

The Thank-You Project
Cultivating Happiness
One Letter of Gratitude at a Time

by Nancy Davis Kho, 2019

Love and connection:
The transforming power of a thank-you note

Edward L. Bernays, 1928

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”


“Propaganda is only effective if we watch it. In fact, if we let it into our consciousness, then it doesn’t matter how we react to it; they’ve already got us.”

James Corbett

The End of Scarcity:
The Dawn of the New Abundant World

by Kristen Ragusin, 2022

Video interview of Kristen Ragusin
October 2022

“YouTube posted today… big losses… and their CEO is leaving because so many people have left YouTube with the censorship.”

Kristen Ragusin

We could have community money based on value and service rather than money based on debt. Kristen thinks that even Amazon or Apple money could be good if their money is based on value rather than debt. She talks about the innovative financial activity Costco just undertook to buy scarce organic fruit.

How do we see the world? What happens with a shift of perspective from scarcity to abundance?

The Drought-Defying California Garden
by Greg Rubin and Lucy Warren, 2016

“Instead of mixing California natives with plants from elsewhere, they recommend setting aside areas in your garden dedicated exclusively to California natives… California native plants come from harsh environments, and their primary mode of survival is to live in cooperative plant communities.”

Book review by Succulents and More

* Another 25 Books You Should Read
* A False Flag Reading List
* Another Another 25 Books You Should Read
* Your Summer Reading List
* A New World Order Reading List
* What’s On Your Bookshelf? – Questions For Corbett
* James Corbett and Liberty Weekly Recommend Books
* A Mass Media Reading List

The Corbett Report

Nonfiction books our readers loved in 2020

Waiting for an Echo:
The Madness of American Incarceration

“I just finished ‘Waiting for an Echo: The Madness of American Incarceration’ by Christine Montross, M.D. Wow!

A psychiatrist who works with acutely mentally ill people and performs competency evaluations for the courts, she shows graphically how we not only imprison mentally ill people disproportionately, but we make their illness worse, often adding years to what should have been a minor sentence.

She shows real people and how prison ruins lives.

Late in the book she describes a visit to a maximum security facility in Norway, where 30 years ago the country had the same problems as the United States. Norway undertook a radical paradigm shift of its prison system, and now focuses entirely on preparing convicts to return to society. What would it take for the U.S. to undertake such reforms?”

Lexington, Kentucky

The Christian Science Monitor
Editor’s note: Reader recommendations are a regular feature in the Weekly magazine.

Confessions of an Economic Hitman
by John Perkins, 2005
a New York Times bestseller

Reflections of a SETI Scientist
by Dr. Laurance R. Doyle, 2022
a principle investigator for SETI

“Apparently, authorities at the highest levels
have long known
that the chemical imbalance theory
was a disproven hypothesis,
but they have viewed it as
a useful ‘noble lie’
to encourage medication use.”

Bruce E. Levine
Clinical Psychologist

A Profession Without Reason

Available at Amazon

video interview of Bruce Levine

ADHD is Not an Illness and Ritalin is Not a Cure
A Comprehensive Rebuttal
of the (alleged) Scientific Consensus
by Dr. Yaakov Ophir, 2022

“In fact, a close reading of the available science suggests that the vast majority of the diagnoses simply reflects common and pretty normative childhood behaviors that underwent unjustified medicalization.

The second part of the book uncovers the massive evidence that exists against the efficacy and safety of the treatment-of-choice for ADHD.

Hundreds of studies, published in well-recognized, mainstream academic journals tell a totally different story than the one told by the American Academy of Pediatrics. ”

Dr. Yaakov Ophir
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Published more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles

Are We Medicating Millions of ADHD Children
without Scientific Justification?


Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”
How Britain Lost Its Empire and
the West Lost the World

by Patrick J. Buchanan, 2008

Related book discussion:
Keith Knight, Managing Editor at the Libertarian Institute
James Corbett

Truth Over Comfort Library

The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy
by Graeme MacQueen, 2014

“Anyone concerned about the truth behind 9/11 and the anthrax attacks should read this profoundly important book. It is filled with tight argumentation backed by solid evidence, and even the speculative parts ring true.”

Prof. Edward Curtin, Read full review

Related book discussion
James Corbett interviews author Graeme MacQueen

Dark Alliance
The CIA, the Contras, and the Cocaine Explosion
by Gary Webb, 1998

“In August 1996, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb stunned the world with a series of articles in the San Jose Mercury News reporting the results of his year-long investigation into the roots of the crack cocaine epidemic in America, specifically in Los Angeles. The series, titled “Dark Alliance,” revealed that for the better part of a decade, a Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to Los Angeles street gangs and funneled millions in drug profits to the CIA-backed Nicaraguan Contras.

Gary Webb pushed his investigation even further in his book, Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion.”

Format: Kindle Edition at Amazon